Calling all Strathcona County: START THE BUZZ ABOUT A BGC BUILDING!!!

Published February 25, 2022 22:11

Thank you for your interest in our BGC Summer Camps. We work hard to ensure that your children all have an opportunity to have access to great summer programs. We know that BGC Summer camps continue to be an important part of many families yearly plans in Strathcona County, having provided camps for the last 20 years. We are very excited that this year we have been able to reinstate even more spots for camps with the reopening of our camping trips, however, we understand that there will still be frustrations around our summer camp capacities and meeting the needs of all our members in Strathcona County. There are not many organizations that can serve almost 120 children per day of summer and still have capacity issues, so we thank all our members for your continued support and your excitement to join our summer camps.

We understand the frustrations around the summer camp capacities. We are unable to access school locations in the summer, and as a result, are much more limited in the spaces that we can provide. We also know that this applies to some of the waitlists of our Before and After School Programs. We are currently in 6 locations across Strathcona County, and 5 of them are in schools, which we can only fill to certain numbers for safety and licensing standards. We are working hard to create solutions by garnering support from our community and council to further voice the need of BGC’s own space within Strathcona County. 

We are making a lot of headway with the development of this new incredible BGC building, but continued support from our families will hopefully push this process along. Strathcona County and Council have been extremely supportive of this project thus far, but we are asking parents to continue to speak out of their support to your local Council representative. 

We believe that every child that wants to come to any BGC Programs should have the opportunity to do so. This new building will eliminate a lot of our limitations and increase capacity substantially. We would not be in this position without your dedication and loyalty to our programs, and we ask that you continue to stand with us and advocate for this building that will not only benefit your children but our community as a whole.
As for this year’s summer camps, we are trying to come up with alternate arrangements to accommodate more campers. We encourage that you continue to stay on or join our waitlist, and we will continue to keep you informed as things come to light. Thank you again for your support and dedication for making BGC Strathcona County the largest not-for-profit child and youth serving organization in Strathcona County. With your help we are ready to become even larger and serve even more of our community. Spread the word.


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