Hershey's Pink Shirt Day Success!

Published February 25, 2022 21:37

Pink Shirt Day this year was an incredible collaboration of so many community partners, and we're very thankful that we have so much support in our corner!

BGC Canada and Hershey's SWEETER TOGETHER campaign left our kids with so many activities and great programs to do during the month of February. Our CanTeen Youth Hub used a Hershey's Kindness Calendar to track their acts of kindness throughout the month! It was so amazing to see how thoughtful they could be. All our programs used the Hershey's funding to create Valentines for seniors' facilities in Sherwood Park as well! We created almost 300 valentines for our senior population in Strathcona County. We loved completing "Kindness is..." activities and sending Hershey's Kisses and kind messages to our friends. The Kindness Chains would stretch across the entire program rooms and gyms!

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We wer e supported by WOW!Factor for snack on Pink Shirt Day and we were so excited to eat cake from WOW!Factor all afternoon! Thanks so much to them for providing snack for our kiddos across all our clubs. They sell their thrift cakes locally... follow them on Instagram for any updates on thrift sales!

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Finally, Pink Shirt Day wouldn't be complete without a Pink Shirt, and Chandos Construction had our kids SO covered! We want to thank Chandos for their continued support and for the pink shirts we wore for the week and especially for Pink Shirt Day!

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It's so important to come together and to stand against bullying, and having the support of our community really makes it feel like we're all on the same page. Hopefully we can keep a positive attitdude wherever we go and spread kindness with the BGC name proudly on our pink  shirts!

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