Ardrossan Elementary Location

Before and After School Care at Ardrossan Elementary

BGC Strathcona County is moving to Ardrossan Elementary Sept 2022!!

We are so excited to announce that BGC will be in Ardrossan Elementary for all AE students. If your child was registered as as Ardrossan membership and being transported from AE School, they will no longer need to be bussed, and are automatically part of the Ardrossan Elementary location membership. Stay tuned for more info!

BGC Strathcona County Before and After School programs are meant to not only be a reliant and safe program for kids to be before or after school time, but is designed to be a space that kids feel like they are a part of an organization that offers them opprtunities and experiences to improve their lives. Kids in BGC programs are able to try new things, are given the platform to be a part of their communities, and are presented with opportunities that are not always accessible to families for many various reasons. Kids in programs are encouraged to express their individuality and learn about their interests by offering a variety of options for true expression to blossom. Our BGC locations work closely with each other to offer inclusive sports leagues, field trips to new learning opportunities together, and encourage children being integrated with other schools and locations to build new relationships. We cannot wait to see you in our programs soon!

Monday - Friday (Before & After School Care Snack Included)
Morning Care 6:30am - 8:30am
After School Care 2:30pm - 6:00pm
Early Dismissals - 1:30pm - 6:00pm
Ages: K - 6
Cost: Before School Care Only - $175.00
After School Care Only - $175.00
Before & After School Care - $325.00 PD Day, Fall Break and Spring Break Programs - $200.00 for the year or $30.00 a day

This is currently a waitlisted program. Please contact our main offices at 780-416-1500 for information on how to proceed.

For more information on the program itself, you may contact the Club Coordinator for your location:

 Dani Giacobbo:


To register for before and after school care please click here.

Check back here in the Fall for the latest Program Calendar!!

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