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Leadership Opportunities

Strathcona County NextGen 

BGC is a supporter of Next Gen, a space for youth to learn about opportunities in the community and potential experiences that allow youth to be contributing members of society! Click here to find out more!!

Skills For Success Pre-Employment Program

Ever wondered while you're grabbing a bite at the Cadogan Cafe how to be one of the cool youth working behind the counter? BGC Canada supports a pre-employment program called Skills for Success to help youth hit the employment ground running. Inquire for more info with Dani at !!

Employment Opportunities

Youth Employment Workshops

Come to the CanTeen any day of the week at anytime between 11am-9pm for help with resume building and cover letters. We can run some practice interviews to help build your confidence, and can connect you with some local businesses for job shadowing, interviews, and the best outcome: Getting a job! Contact Dani 780.416.1500 or by email at

Youth Volunteer Opportunities 

The CanTeen Youth Hub is always running volunteer opportunity so that youth can gain volunteer experience with BGC!

Inquire with Christie at with your name, and program that you are interested in being involved in.

Scholarship Opportunities

Watch here for any scholarship opportunities that come across our radar!

Storwell Opportunities

Storwell Self Storage is Offering a $2,000 Bursary to Help Foster Children Pursue Post-Secondary Education.
In response to the growing number of foster children and youth in care that struggle to afford post-secondary studies, Storwell has developed the Storwell Foster Children Bursary Program. According to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, right now there are approximately 63,000 Canadian children living in permanent care with foster families, extended family, or in group homes. Across the country, 235,000 children and youth have been identified as having experienced or being at risk of experiencing abuse and neglect. These children often experience difficulties gaining access to adequate education opportunities, especially when it comes to post-secondary education. For every one thousand youths in Canadian foster care, only eight go on to graduate with a post-secondary education. One of the largest barriers to entry for children in foster care is the financial burden that comes along with post-secondary education.

The aim of the Storwell Foster Children Bursary Program is to provide foster children and youth in care with resources and opportunities that might be otherwise unavailable to them. With the proper tools, these students can work towards building a better life for themselves through the pursuit of higher education. Storwell is devoted to helping out the local community through various charitable causes and social initiatives.

Storwell offers an annual bursary of $2,000 to help foster children attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand up as they make their way forward in life. Eligibility requirements and access to the application form can be found at:

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